Quotation: All work and materials are quoted to the Client’s detailed Specification and broken down into specific tasks. All pricing relates to standard codes of practice.

Project Plan: A schedule of work with timelines is created upon an acceptance of tender.

Cost Control: Details of man hours from daily Labour Worksheets and materials purchased are collected, categorised and stored in a database. Once a week a Running Cost Report is prepared, showing the current financial position on each task as compared against the quotation. This gives a unique control of costs at any time during the Project.

Job Progress Monitoring and Valuations: Fortnightly Valuations are circulated amongst all parties involved, supported by Project Schedule where the actual percentage of completed and pending tasks are clearly shown. This proves to be a powerful tool, ensuring that work is finished on time and within the budget.

Retention: 5% Retention and 6 months snagging period are given as standard.


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Our Structure

Quality Control

Daily visits to the site: In addition to a designated Site Manager being on site all the time, at least one member of the managerial staff will make a site visit every day.

Weekly Site Meetings: Held to analyse the work in progress and to discuss any current issues with all Parties involved.

Dealing with unexpected problems (not mentioned in the schedule of works) and changes of plan: Any variations will be fully discussed with all interested parties. No additional works will commence without the receipt of an authorized "Variation Order".

Who We Are

We are a medium size construction company specialising in the refurbishment and extension of existing and historic buildings.
We undertake investment and development contracts within the Greater London area.
We aim to provide total customer satisfaction by executing the highest standard of work, on time and within budget.


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Albert Bridge Road
Welbeck House
Kensigton Park Road
Chelsea Gallery
Westgate Terrace
Elvastone Place 1
Elvastone Place 2
Lyall St.
Redcliffe Sq
Langland Gardens
Ebury St.
Camden Hill Court
Richmond Bridge Mansion
Barkston Gardens
Mimosa St.
Percy Road
Ashness Gardens
Pont St.
Addison Road
Wimbledon Village
Earls Court Gardens
Glebe St.
Campden Hill Court
Hop House
Ladbroke Grove
Nottingham Place
Ladbroke Gardens
Garway Road
Before And After
Gardens And Patios
Sound System





# Name Position Phone Mobile Phone Fax
1 David Money Architects Architects 020 7587 3584
2 Paul Vick Architects Architects 020 7993 2141
3 Hackett Holland Ltd Architects 020 7467 0450 020 7467 0555
4 Giles Jollands Architect 012 4353 5444
5 Wilben Developments Ltd Developers/Architects/Designers 020 7225 0500  
6 Binom Architects Architects/Designers 020 3638 6464  
7 Snezana Jackson Architects Architect 020 8960 2155  
8 Mrs Millena Davies Designer 078 0303 8898

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Key Personnel

Wojtek Olczak Managing Director 078 0243 9453
Arek Krawczyk Operational Manager 077 9208 5291
Artur Bieniek Procurement Manager 077 3052 9969
Beata Zaborowska Personal Assistant
Kris Ziobro Project Manager
Maciek Hady Project Manager
Maciek Barabasz Site Manager
Jack Data Site Manager
Krystian Ekiert Site Manager
Tomasz Orzel Site Manager